Welcome to ‘Not Now, Adulthood’

The savvy amongst you will notice this blog’s inherent tribute to the great David McKee’s children’s classic: Not Now, Bernard. This is a picture book which I found hilarious as a child and terrifying as an adult, just like so many which then go on to be banned by well-meaning parents thinking that their children have been socialised to fear just like they have.

What I read now as a tale of neglect and haunting loss, I used to read as a tale of triumph – an officially published ‘I told you so.’

So I’m hoping Not Now, Adulthood will be a blog where I can talk about children’s literature, whilst always keeping that duality at the heart of every good children’s book in the fore. The relationship between the adult author, the adult buyer, and the child Reader – with a capital ‘R’ – is something which fascinates me, and which will hopefully fascinate you after reading my posts.

So what will I post? Reviews, ramblings on children’s literary theory, comments on children’s publishing news and how I’m getting on in my Writing for Children course (which I’ve only just started, and I am taking mostly for the insight into what people think writing for children entails).

My opinions are strong, but my desire to learn and challenge myself is even stronger. So if you disagree with me, always let me know in the comments or on Twitter @eviecioannidi.

So while I neglect adulthood, and adulthood creeps up and bites me on the leg – watch this space.



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